Managing Editor

Managing Editor

Are you ready to lead your own newsroom? APG Media of Minnesota, LLC is looking for a managing editor for its daily newspaper, the Mesabi Daily News, located 60 miles north of Duluth in Virginia, MN.

The Mesabi Daily News is part of APG Media of Minnesota, LLC, and a division of family-owned Adams Publishing Group. Our newspapers are aggressive watch dog oriented papers with newsrooms full of talent. Adams Publishing Group also owns newspapers in southern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio and Maryland as well as other media and non-media operations.

As managing editor, you would be responsible for planning and implementing newsroom budgets, coaching reporters, editing, and some beat reporting duties.

Ideal candidates should be able to analyze documents, be skilled at covering community events, and understand open records/meeting law and working with multimedia. Candidates should have a minimum of 3 to 5 years of newsroom experience, demonstrate proficiency in interviewing, writing, and use of social media, and have excellent planning and written communications skills.

We are looking for someone who is curious, enthusiastic, enjoys working in collaborative team environment, and desire personal involvement in the community.

Please email resume, cover letter, and writing samples to:

Chris Knight
President APG Media MN