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Make public affairs coverage relevant and timely

By Jim Pumarlo How many newsrooms have received complaints about coverage of local public affairs – specifically meetings? […]

Industry Predictions

As I write this column, vaccines are beginning to make their way to first responders, the New Year […]

Tri-State Convention, February 4 & 5 – Deadline: Monday February 1

Deadline is Monday, February 1! Now, more than ever, newspapers play a key role in educating their readers […]

We can’t let lies, mistrust and bad faith fester; we must speak the truth, stand up for it and have respectful dialogue

By Al Cross Director and professor, Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues, University of Kentucky The insurrection […]

Don’t Close Books Just Yet on 2020 Elections

By Jim Pumarlo Mention election coverage in the aftermath of this year’s tumultuous presidential contest, and many newsrooms […]

12 Ad Campaign Tips

By John Foust A single ad probably won’t generate much business. The real work is done in multi-ad […]

Into the Issues

By Al Cross What is the proper role of community newspapers at a time of national crisis? Stand […]

A different kind of question

By John Foust One of the basics of selling is to get the right kind of information from […]

Execute your strength: Put names and faces behind the stories

By Jim Pumarlo Nothing is more satisfying than looking at your product – whether it’s the print or […]

Lessons from other advertising sources

By John Foust As a co-founder of Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher was focused on innovation and efficiency. According […]