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Webinar Series: How to find, close and keep more customers!

February 13, 2014


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These webinars are co-presented by the Minnesota News Media Institute and Online Media Campus

Webinar Series: How to find, close and keep more customers!

This new three-part webinar series gives you the flexibility to register for all three programs as a package or each session individually. All registrations can be filled out at the link above. Deadline to register for the series is Monday, January 6, 2014.  Webinars take place on Thursday, January 9, Thursday, January 23 and Thursday, February 13.  The package price for this program is $99.

More information and register online: http://www.onlinemediacampus.com/2013/12/find-close-customers/

Session 1
Prospecting Digitally:  How to Warm-up Leads and Quit Cold-Calling
Thursday, January 9, 2014

Deadline Monday, January 6

We’ve all heard of the need to be using social media in our sales efforts.  At the same time, there can be misunderstandings about how to use it or what it can actually do for you as a salesperson.  The simple truth is social selling and business-to-business selling is working today and having it as a tool in your tool box is a necessity.  This change is being driven by the fact that people are harder to reach today through traditional approaches.  Social media selling is all about opening doors to people and opportunities.

In this session, we’ll introduce simple and easy to execute tactics you can put to use immediately.

Topics covered include:

  • How to warm up leads
  • How to get known for what you do
  • How to create credibility

Session 2
Qualifying Opportunities:  Quit wasting time on deals that won’t close
Thursday, January 23, 2014

Deadline Monday, January 20

We’ve all been there. The prospect asks for a proposal, claims they want to do it, promises you’re the one they’ll buy from, and as soon as they get your proposal, they disappear.  Frustrating!

Qualifying is about asking questions. The better your questions are the more qualified the opportunity becomes.  In this session, we’ll identify the specific questions that must be asked in order to completely qualify your opportunities.

Topics covered include:

  • Feel more confident about the likelihood of an opportunity closing
  • Understand all of the possible threats to an opportunity
  • Be more consistent closing
  • Move opportunities in your pipeline
  • Better understand the criteria for your solutions

Session 3
Preventing Competitors From Stealing Your Customers:  Strategically building partnerships that competitors cannot break
Thursday, February 13, 2014

Deadline Monday, February 10

Your best customers are your competitor’s best prospects.  They view stealing your customer as easier than creating one on their own.  Today there is increased competition for your customer’s budget and it is harder to protect your customers from being swayed by the “new latest thing.”

In this session we’ll identify account management opportunities and requirements and then, develop strategies to accomplish both.

Topics covered include:

  • Retain more accounts
  • Grow more accounts
  • Have an account management strategy
  • Develop your relationships
  • Generate referrals and introductions
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Generate more revenue

About the presenter
Jim Lobaito, founder and president of the Performance Group, started his sales career during the 1980 recession. In a market where the unemployment rate went to 17.8 percent and interest rates skyrocketed to 20 percent, he became one of the top sellers in his industry. Since then he has set sales records and successfully grown companies during the recessions of 1991 and 2001. This track record of success during turbulent times makes him uniquely qualified to provide insight into how to grow a company regardless of the economic conditions. Lobaito is known for his ability to take what appears to be complex issues around sales, marketing, and personnel performance and give easily executable real world solutions.

Registration Information

Package price for this program is $99. To register for this package please click here How to find, close and keep more customers. You may also register for sessions individually at that link as well. Once you complete the registration you will receive an additional email with log in instructions. If you do not receive the log in information within 48 hours of the start of the program please contact us.

More information and register online: http://www.onlinemediacampus.com/2013/12/find-close-customers/

Questions? Contact us at registrations@onlinemediacampus.com.


February 13, 2014
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