Statewide Advertising Networks

MNA’s statewide advertising networks are an efficient and cost-effective way in which advertisers can share their message with the masses! Providing unparalleled reach of Minnesota households with the most aggressive CPM of any traditional marketing vehicle, the MCAN | MDAN | MINN programs are completely turnkey advertising solutions. You provide ad copy and prepayment, MNA traffics your creative to the applicable participating newspapers. Space is limited each week, so we encourage you to plan ahead.


MCAN | Minnesota Classified Advertising Network

MCAN is a network of Minnesota newspapers having a combined readership of more than 1.5 million! The MCAN Network allows you to place your classified ad in publications – including dailies, weeklies, and shoppers – statewide or by geographic zone. The total cost for a statewide MCAN is $279 per week for the first 25 words, with additional words $10 each. Zoned MCAN classifieds start at only $109! You make one call and pay one price. We’ll take care of sending your ad across the state. That’s all there is to it!

MDAN | Minnesota Display Advertising Network

MDAN is an easy and cost-effective display advertising option to expand your market presence, create brand awareness, and increase your profits through Minnesota newspapers. Three display ad sizes are available: a 2×2, 2×4 or a 2×8. Reach an audience of over 1.5 million readers by placing your ad in the statewide program, or geographically target your message by choosing a zoning option that fits your needs and budget. You’ll receive unparalleled reach and market saturation at the lowest cost-per-thousand of any mass-market advertising vehicle. A statewide MDAN 2×2 is $2,500 per week, a 2×4 is $5,100 and a 2×8 is $11,600 per week. Zoned MDAN options start at only $625!

MINN | Minnesota Interactive Newspaper Network

MINN is an interactive network of nearly 50 Minnesota newspapers websites. The MINN networks allows you to run a 300×250, 160×600 or 728×90 pixel digital display ad on newspaper websites – including dailies, weeklies, and shoppers – across the state. The total cost for a statewide MINN ad is only $1,100 per week. As with the MCAN and MDAN networks, you make one call and pay one price. We’ll take care of uploading your ad to all of the newspapers websites. It really is as easy as that! Call any participating newspaper, or the Minnesota Newspaper Association, for more information or to place your MINN interactive ad.

MNA Advertising Networks Proof of Publication Standards: Participating newspapers in the MCAN|MDAN programs will be selectively monitored to ensure that network ads run as scheduled. Network ads are sold with the understanding that they will be distributed to all participating newspapers and will appear in at least 90% of participating newspapers within a seven-day window of the requested publication date or the first available issue. Network ad space is limited, requires prepayment, and sold on a first-come basis. A notarized affidavit confirming proof of publication will be provided to clients only upon request.