About MNA

The Minnesota Newspaper Association (MNA) is the voluntary trade association of all general-interest newspapers in the State of Minnesota, acting on behalf of the newspaper press of the state, representing its members in the legislature and in court, managing local/regional/national newspaper advertising placement, operating a press release service, and working to enhance the quality of the state’s newspapers.

The Minnesota News Media Institute is the 501(c)(3) arm of the Minnesota Newspaper Association. A partnership of the more than 260 members of MNA, the Institute provides education, training and professional development opportunities for current and future news media professionals, promotes fair and trusted journalism, and works to increase the public’s understanding of the role and obligation of a free press in our society.


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  • Legislative Representation
  • Legal Hotline
  • Libel Insurance Access
  • Professional Information
  • Advertising Representation
  • Annual Member Convention
  • The “Better Newspaper Contest”
  • Statewide Conferences and Seminars
  • MN Newspaper Directory
  • MNPublicNotice.com
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  • Committee Work Opportunities
  • Electronic Press Release Service
  • Publication Press Cards
  • Minnesota Classified Advertising Network (MCAN)
  • Minnesota Display Advertising Network (MDAN)
  • Minnesota Internet Newspaper Network (MINN)

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The Minnesota Newspaper Association was founded February 20, 1867 in St. Paul, Minnesota. It remains one of the oldest state newspaper associations in the United States. The purpose of the Minnesota Newspaper Association is defined in its Certificate of Incorporation. The general purpose and plan of operation of this Corporation shall be:
  • To promote and cultivate cooperation, understanding, a spirit of fraternal regard and friendly relations among its members.
  • To promote the welfare of the newspaper industry and the interests of the press by securing unity of thought and action in all matters pertaining to the profession of journalism and the newspaper publishing business.
  • To secure improved standards in the practice of the profession of journalism, and to promote a high standard of conduct and professional ethics in the business of newspaper publishing by elevating its tone, purifying its expressions, enlarging its usefulness, advancing its wisdom and justice, and extending its influence in the work of true civilization.
  • To act as an educational center and medium for the dissemination of knowledge and information as to improved methods of managing and conducting newspapers and allied industries.
  • To represent its members and furnish services to its members upon such terms and conditions as may be established from time to time by the Board of Directors.
  • To purchase, hold, own, lease, mortgage, sell, and convey such real and personal property as may be necessary, convenient, or useful for the purpose of carrying out the general purpose and plan of operation of this corporation.
  • In general, to do all things and perform all acts necessary, incidental, or convenient to accomplish, carry out, and promote the aforesaid general purpose and plan of operation.

The Minnesota Newspaper Association is governed by a Board of Directors. Officers of the Board include the President, three Vice Presidents, a Treasurer and an immediate Past President. There are three directors serving three-year terms. Officers and directors take office at the annual meeting during the MNA Convention.

Members of the Board of Directors are elected from newspapers across the state.