Press Release Service

Distributing your message statewide is easy and cost-effective with the MNA Electronic Press Release Service.  We can deliver your press release via email to Minnesota newspapers within 24 hours of receiving your request. Press releases are distributed separately from the other MNA correspondence and are clearly marked to ensure proper handling at each newspaper. When you choose the MNA Press Release Service, your message is shared with more than 260 member newspapers with a total circulation of more than 1.6 million Minnesotans each week.

Press releases are distributed during normal business hours, Mon – Fri 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM. We require a 24 hour notice. Email your press release (Word format) to Please clearly mark in the subject line, or body of the email, that the press release is for distribution via the MNA Press Release Service, and indicate your choice of distribution options; either the MNA Newspaper Network or the MNA Expanded Media Network (see details below).

For more information, or special requests, contact Dan Lind at 612-332-8844 or

Send your message electronically to more than 260 Minnesota member newspapers with a total circulation of about 1.6 million readers.

  • First page: $150
  • Additional pages: $25 per page
  • Include a Photo or Graphic (jpg): $25 per image

Send your message electronically to Minnesota member newspapers along with 111 radio and 14 television stations in the state.

  • First page: $300
  • Additional pages: $75 per page
  • Include a Photo or Graphic (jpg): $25 per image

Prices effective January 2022.

NOTE: Press releases are sent to media outlets and journalists to encourage them to develop articles on the subject of the release. The decision to publish material from a press release is at the sole discretion of the media outlet. The MNA Press Release Service offers delivery of press releases to the desired media; MNA makes no guarantee, explicit or implied, that any media outlet will publish any portion of a distributed press release.

The MNA Press Release Service is for the distribution of messages or announcements that serve the public interest. Commercial press releases that include a retail sales offer or product pricing, along with political or advocacy releases that focus on calls to action regarding voting or specific issues – essentially requests for free publicity – will be rejected.



The Minnesota Newspaper Association (MNA) reserves the right to reject press releases that do not conform to its standards; some press releases may require review by MNA’s attorney before distribution.

Running an item in the MNA press release service does not guarantee publication by recipient newspapers; if you’d like to track run rates, we can put you in touch with our clipping service.

MNA does not run advertisements through its press release service.  If you’d like to place an ad, we can help with that!  Contact Dan Lind at 612-278-0223 or to discuss advertising options.

A few pointers:

  1. Keep your press release simple, clear, and direct. That’s a lot easier said than done, but it can be done if you put yourself in the place of your reader.
  2. Try to engage your reader from the start with a catchy lead paragraph.
  3. Get to the point and then elaborate on it, with increasingly less important details in the paragraphs that follow.
  4. Be sure of your facts. A reporter, columnist, or editorial writer must be able to depend on you for accurate information.
  5. If you can do so legitimately, convey a sense of urgency without being histrionic, perhaps through a quote from the head of your organization.
  6. Go easy on quotes, however, and if you use them, be sure they sound like something a real person would say. (Most quotes in press releases are preachy and stilted.)
  7. Avoid jargon of any kind, especially legal and technical jargon.
  8. Leave no important question unanswered. Assume that your reader has never heard of your organization or cause and has little or no familiarity with your subject.
  9. Favor short sentences over long ones. When you do use a long sentence, try to follow it with a short declarative one.
  10. Stick to the essential details. Don?t try to be all-inclusive.
  11. Be sparing in the use of acronyms. When you do use one for the first time, be sure it appears parenthetically after the full name of whatever it represents.
  12. Limit your release to one or two pages, preferably double spaced for easy reading and editing.
  13. Include visual aids when you can. A photocopied map, photograph, or other illustration can add interest to your release.
  14. Engage an editor! Find someone, preferably not involved in your organization, to read the release to be sure it is engaging, understandable, and free of typographical errors and misspellings.
  15. Be neatly professional (not sloppily amateurish) by producing a clean, clearly printed, easy-to-read press release.