The Mills Trophy

The Mills Trophy, awarded to the top weekly each year, was established in 1982 in honor of the late Charles Edward Mills who founded the Montevideo American-News. Four sons and three grandsons listed on the trophy have all been publishers of Minnesota newspapers and three, Russell, L.D. “Tip” and Everett S. Mills were the only brother combination ever to serve as presidents of the Minnesota Newspaper Association.

1981-1982      Paynesville Press
1982-1983      Monticello Times
1983-1984      Brownton Bulletin
1984-1985      Monticello Times
1985-1986      McLeod County Chronicle, Glencoe
1986-1987      Monticello Times
1987-1988      Monticello Times
1988-1989      Monticello Times
1989-1990      Monticello Times
1990-1991      Norwood-Young America Times
1991-1992      Dakota County Tribune, Burnsville
1992-1993      Byron Review
1993-1994      Kerkhoven Banner
1994-1995      Detroit Lakes Tribune
1995-1996      Detroit Lakes Tribune
1996-1997      Jackson County Pilot
1997-1998      Jackson County Pilot
1998-1999      Chaska Herald
1999-2000     St. Peter Herald
2000-2001     Observer/Advocate, Mountain Lake
2001-2002     Echo Press, Alexandria
2002-2003     Litchfield Independent Review
2003-2004     Echo Press, Alexandria
2004-2005     Hutchinson Leader
2005-2006     Stillwater Courier
2006-2007     Stillwater Courier
2007-2008     Northfield News
2008-2009     Ely Timberjay
2009-2010     Hutchinson Leader
2011-2012     Detroit Lakes Tribune
2012-2013     Detroit Lakes Tribune
2013-2014     Jackson County Pilot
2014-2015     Detroit Lakes Tribune
2015-2016     Detroit Lakes Tribune
2016-2017     Stillwater Gazette
2017-2018    Detroit Lakes Tribune & Echo Press, Alexandria (Tie)
2018-2019    Echo Press (Alexandria)
2019-2020 Pine Knot News, Cloquet
2020-2021 Pine Knot News, Cloquet