Newspaper Advertising Placement Service

ONE Call. ONE Order. ONE Invoice. MNA’s Newspaper Advertising Placement Service can schedule your ad in any or all of Minnesota’s daily and weekly newspapers. We can also coordinate regional and national newspaper advertising placement. After selecting the newspapers or areas where you’d like your ad to appear, MNA provides you with rates and current circulation for each publication, reserves ad space, sends insertion orders and traffics ad creative to the respective publications.

After your ad runs you will receive an itemized invoice with proof of publication (tearsheets.) You submit payment to MNA with one check, and we coordinate payment to each newspaper.

Whether you want to place ads in all 330 Minnesota newspapers – or just one – MNA’s Advertising Placement Service can help you reach your desired target market and exceed your business objectives with just one call, one order, and one invoice.

  • ONE CALL: For details on placing an ad, contact us today at 612-332-8844
  • ONE ORDER: You send us ONE order.
  • ONE INVOICE: You get ONE monthly itemized statement, along with all the tearsheets.
  • ONE CHECK: You send us ONE check and we pay each newspaper.
  • MINIMUM ORDER: $100 or more. Minimum ad size: 4 column inches.
  • DEADLINES: Insertion orders and ad copy should arrive in our office one week prior to publication.
  • CONTACT: Advertising: