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  • Henninger_Feat

    Henninger: Typefaces to toss

    Ed shares a list of 20 typefaces (actually, 16 typefaces and 4 complete groups) he’d toss, along with a few words why.

  • Slimp_Featured

    Slimp: Know When to Fold Them

    Kevin asks and answers: When does holding on to older software and hardware become detrimental?

  • Ad-libs_Feat

    Ad-libs: Don’t gild the lily

    Correctly quoted or not, this common phrase refers to the unnecessary practice of embellishing something which doesn’t need embellishing.

  • Elections_feat

    2016 Political Questionnaire

    Check out the questions sent to candidates and answers returned to MNA by candidates for statewide office in the 2016 Political Questionnaire.

  • MNA-Featured

    Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

    In times of crisis, all eyes turn on the press for immediate and accurate news coverage. But what happens when the press becomes the victim of a disaster?

  • mna-bulletin

    MNA Member Bulletin

    A weekly publication for members of the Minnesota Newspaper Association. To read the current edition of the MNA Member Bulletin, please click here.


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    Press Release Service

    Distributing your message to newsrooms statewide is easy and cost-effective with the MNA Electronic Press Release Service.

  • newspaper-directory

    Minnesota Newspaper Directory

    The 2016/2017 Directory is published by the Minnesota Newspaper Association and is your quick reference guide to statewide newspapers.
    (Updated October 2016)

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    One call to MNA can handle all your newspaper placement needs – including rate quotes, ad placement, creative trafficking, invoicing and tearsheets.