The Sales Cycle – 2018


5/15 – Seven Steps to Strategic Sales a/k/a “The Sales Cycle”

With a wide variety of media options available and marketing budgets that continue to shift in response to changes in the marketplace, it’s more crucial than ever for you to be continually prospecting for NEW business that can supplement your sales figures and replace advertising dollars that are unexpectedly lost.

The process of mining for fresh revenue sources and untapped business opportunities is described in many different ways, but personally I have always referred to this as my “Sales Cycle” – 7 steps that keep me on track and increase the likelihood that I’ll be closing the sale. The most important thing to remember is that each step is absolutely critical to the overall success of the process. There are no shortcuts. Embrace each step, knowing that your client will feel confident in your ability to understand their business and make solid advertising recommendations.

  1. Prospect
  2. Initiate contact
  3. Conduct a thorough needs analysis
  4. Make a recommendation
  5. Overcome objections
  6. Close the sale
  7. Follow up (and ask for additional business based on previous results)

While managing “transactional” business – existing accounts currently running – you should also allocate time each week to analyze your market and determine if there are untapped opportunities out there to be explored. Effective prospecting is a critical component of sustainable sales success. But, remember that prospecting is NOT selling. Prospecting simply identifies and qualifies opportunities to initiate contact.

Top salespeople understand that effective prospecting is a result of a plan; a strategy that includes an objective assessment of your situation, a defined and measurable goal, and tactics to help you achieve that goal. Next week I’ll expound upon the process of prospecting including tips, tricks and resources I’ve used in the past to achieve success and add new business to my sales pipeline.


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5/8 – VERSION 2.0

Each year, the MNA Member Survey reveals a strong appetite for additional sales training. In recent conversations with publishers and sales directors, one of the consistent messages I heard is a desire for using the weekly MNA Bulletin as a “sales-generation” tool; a communication vehicle to deliver sales strategies, negotiation secrets and prospecting tips that will help stimulate the discovery and augmentation of untapped advertising revenue streams.

Additionally, Minnesota News Media Institute (MNI) sessions we hold numerous times throughout the year make it clear that there’s a healthy desire for additional tips from sales experts to help salespeople at MNA member newspapers to hone their sales and negotiation techniques – leading to increased advertising sales for their newspapers and a larger paycheck for themselves! You’ll find a plethora of ‘Advertising Quick Clicks’ below for your review.

So, without further adieu, I (re)introduce The Sales Cycle. Those of you who know me understand my passion for advertising, sales…and cycling. Besides managing major retail accounts in the newspaper, digital outdoor and magazine industries, I’ve also been racing bikes (road, mountain, cyclocross and fat bikes) under license by USA Cycling for the past 20 years. During this time, I’ve discovered an amazing synergy between my sales career and time spent “in the saddle” racing bikes – one which I look forward to sharing with you in future articles.

Next week, I’ll be introducing my 7-step sales process – otherwise known as my “sales cycle.” Clearly understanding each step and how they directly affect the overall success of your sales efforts will undoubtedly help transform your relationship with prospective accounts and existing clients from “transactional” to “consultative” – leading to new sales, incremental revenue, and delivering you to finish line in front of your competition (in this case, media competitors in the marketplace fighting for their share of your client’s precious advertising dollars.)


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