2014 Winners




Congratulations to the 2014 Winners!

First Place:  Rick Dahl, Dodge Center – Star Herald
“Your Newspaper Transforms”
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Dodge Center

Second Place:  Staff of the Detroit Lakes Newspapers
“Define Magic.”
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Detroit Lakes

Third Place:  Jean Matua, Kimball – Tri-County News
“Believe the Magic of Newspapers!”
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Kathy Johnson, Albert Lea Tribune
“Learn Something New Everyday”
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Albert Lea - Kathy Johnson

Kristin Overland, Albert Lea Tribune
“Bringing Things to Life Every Day”
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Albert Lea - Kristin Overland

Karla Mikkelson, Alexandria – Echo Press
“Everyone Wants to be In the Know”
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Alexandria - Karla Mikkelson

Heidi Knutson, Blue Earth – Faribault County Register
“The Magic Within”
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Blue Earth - Heidi Knutson

Kristin Woodwick, Blue Earth – Faribault County Register
“Everything You Need to Know, Right at Your Fingertips”
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Blue Earth - Kristin Woodwick

Pam True, Blue Earth – Faribault County Register
“Magic. Power. Wonder.”
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Blue Earth - Pam True

Angela Cole-Olson, Glenwood – Pope County Tribune
“Newspaper Black Out”
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Glenwood - Angela Cole Olson

Erica Stoen, Glenwood – Pope County Tribune
“Ad Magic to Your Newspaper”
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Glenwood - Erica Stoen

Marie Zimmerman, Jackson County Pilot
“Discussion, Government, Business, News”
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Jackson - Marie Zimmerman

Vicki Beckendorf, Jackson County Pilot
“Newspapers Transform Lives”
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Jackson - Vicki Beckendorf

Sue Hughes, Kimball – Tri County News
“We Bring Communities Together”
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Kimball - Sue Hughes

Deb Johnson, Marshall Independent
“Do You Believe?”
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Marshall - Deb Johnson

Lisa Kruger, Slayton – Murray County Wheel-Herald
“Unfold the Magic”
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Slayton - Lisa Kruger

Kenzie Blom, Willmar – West Central Tribune
“Giving All Citizens a Voice”
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Willmar - Kenzie Blom