Sign up for MNA's Legal Hotline

Sign up for MNA’s Legal Hotline

scaleOne call could save your newspaper thousands of dollars in legal fees.

MNA’s Legal Hotline begins its 29th year on September 1. If you are NOT already a subscriber, review the program brochure to learn how the Hotline works and then return the MNA Legal Hotline Registration Form to sign up as a new Hotline subscriber. You may also email your request to join to Debbie at

If you ARE a current Hotline subscriber, we will assume you wish to continue and you will receive a renewal invoice in August. (If you do not wish to continue, let us know by contacting Debbie at

The Legal Hotline provides subscribers with a reliable, low-cost, accessible source of expert legal advice in most areas of law affecting newspapers. MNA’s Legal Hotline, provided by MNA Attorney Mark Anfinson, allows newspapers of all sizes to have ready access to answers for legal questions.

Anfinson can offer advice on whether a meeting may be closed, how to set up a contract arrangement with an independent contractor, how to review articles for potential libel and dozens of other interesting legal aspects.

“Signing up for the MNA Legal Hotline is one of the best investments a newspaper can make. For only a minimal fee, you get expert, practical and commonsense legal advice from MNA Attorney Mark Anfinson, who is only a phone call away. He has a knack for quickly analyzing all kinds of questions and thorny dilemmas that newspapers face on a daily basis. He delivers helpful advice that can steer your newspaper clear of legal trouble down the road. I use the Legal Hotline several times a year and I’m always impressed with how quickly Mark gets back to me with answers and options that are easy to understand.”

—Al Edenloff, Editor, Echo Press, Alexandria

“A reader fires off a scathing letter to the editor.  A quick e-mail exchange with MNA Attorney Mark Anfinson results in the editor removing troublesome phrases, so the letter sees print … and the newspaper doesn’t end up in court. When in doubt, I contact Mark. That’s what the Hotline is all about.”
— Anne Jacobson, editor, Red Wing Republican Eagle

MNA Legal Hotline Brochure

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