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Enter the 2014-2015 Better Newspaper Contests

MNA members and collegiate journalists can submit their best work from 2014-15 throughout the month of September.

Presenting The Class of 2015

Congratulations to the graduates of the 2015 Editors & Publishers Community Leadership Program!

Book it — Time to get on Facebook

Now that you’re on Facebook, some suggested strategies for engagement and content.

Henninger: A concept for a Public Notices page

For starters, let’s stop labeling them “legal advertising” and call them what they really are: Public Notices.

Not a subscriber? Sign up for 2014-15 Legal Hotline Today!

MNA’s Legal Hotline begins its 31th year on September 1. Sign up today!

Hills Elected NAM President

Lisa Hills, executive director of the Minnesota Newspaper Association, has been elected president of Newspaper Association Managers Inc.. (NAM).

The ink is still a flowin’ … Lorenz reaches 50 years in the newspaper/printing biz

by Marlo Benning It was just days before his 20th birthday when Dave Lorenz received a call […]

‘Quicksand’ and how to avoid it in social media

At first, I couldn’t imagine finding the time when my boss told me we needed to start a Facebook page for our newspaper.

Pumarlo: Challenged by ‘big projects’? Broaden your definition

Some ideas for identifying opportunities to generate more substantive reports in everyday coverage.