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What’s Happened to Nuts and Bolts of Public Safety Reporting?

By Jim Pumarlo Crime and public safety are garnering more headlines across the country. Law enforcement and racial […]

Seize Opportunity to Steer, Moderate Election Noise

By Jim Pumarlo Election coverage was a priority when I toiled behind the editor’s desk. It was all-hands-on-deck […]

Open Government is Good Government

By Jim Pumarlo Election season is under way, and this year promises to be especially busy with redistricting […]

Examine, Evaluate Reporting Shortcuts

By Jim Pumarlo I fondly characterize newsrooms as organized chaos. I witnessed that firsthand guiding staffs when resources […]

Are you ready for the new year? Take inventory, prepare calendar

By Jim Pumarlo It’s standard procedure at many newspapers to chronicle headlines in year-end editions. The continuing social […]

Meaningful meeting reports demand substantive leads

By Jim Pumarlo Newspapers smartly are promoting their roles as government watchdogs to reinforce their strengths in the […]

Don’t let shortcuts thwart quality content

By Jim Pumarlo Many newsrooms, already strained by lean staffs, have seen resources exacerbated by the economic toll […]

The ‘blue shirt’ won. Is that the best we can do?

By Jim Pumarlo Local names and faces are the lifeblood of community newspaper content. There’s no better way […]

Are you telling your own stories?

By Jim Pumarlo I circulated a column celebrating community newspapers earlier this year in recognition of Sunshine Week. […]

Special projects energize staff, community

By Jim Pumarlo I fondly characterize newsrooms as organized chaos. That definition has aptly described operations for the […]