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Community Leadership Program Graduates Ninth Cohort

On Friday, August 23, 12 editors and publishers from across the state graduated from the Editors & Publishers Community Leadership Program.

Nau: Over the River and Through the Woods …

“Over the river and through the woods” that old refrain may sum up in a nutshell where many ad decisions have gone in the past few years.

With the advent of new media, the consolidation of businesses and resulting staff reductions, coordinating “face to face” interactions with current and potential advertisers has become more challenging. Ad decisions are made on shorter and shorter deadlines, only to be changed again. Ad business that we thought was sold and committed, many times needs to be resold and the benefits reinforced again and again in subsequent emails, phone conversations or sales calls.

Slimp: Changes and how they affect community newspapers

So much is going on in our business – and I receive so many messages asking me to write about my thoughts on these events – that I wanted to take one column to explain how I think some of the big “stories” about the newspaper industry particularly effects those of us at smaller papers.

Henninger: The newsroom zoo

You’ve heard the expression before: “It’s a jungle out there!” Sometimes, it’s a jungle in here. And “here” is our own newsroom. During my more than 24 years as a consultant, I’ve encountered just about every animal in the newsroom zoo.

You may not have all of these in your newsroom…but I’m willing to bet you’ve identified at least a couple of these where you work.

Newspaper Museum Needs a Helping Hand

Each year, the Minnesota Newspaper Museum at the State Fair transports visitors back to a 1930s era newspaper office, complete with the smell of hot lead, the clanking of the Linotype and the roar of the press. Volunteers are needed to staff the museum. Two shifts are available each day: 9 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. and 2:30 until 8 p.m.

Pumarlo: Timelines help readers – and reporters – make sense of fragmented coverage

By Jim Pumarlo A city council approves tax incentives for a shopping center after a months-long process that […]

Minnesota Newspaper Museum’s future in question

Minnesota Newspaper Museum’s future in question, 2013 will likely be last year in present location at the State […]


“A” (business objectives) plus “B” (proposed solution) must equal “C” (measurable ROI).