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Ad-libs: Strange things I’ve heard around ad departments

In my years around newspapers, here are a few statements that made me say, “Huh?”

Slimp: Advice to a new Publisher

Kevin visits with new publisher to discuss improvements to his community paper

Henninger: Why Design Matters

When you look at a newspaper—any newspaper, anywhere, anytime—what’s the first thing you see? Its design.

Shield Law moving toward a full Senate vote

A federal shield law is necessary to preserve an important channel of communication between journalists and their confidential sources and to maintain an informed citizenry.

Let your newspaper’s voice be heard

We need YOU in Washington on March 12-13 for the We Believe in Newspapers Leadership Summit. You are needed to be the voice for your industry.

NNA survey: Small town residents depend on their community paper

Two-thirds of residents in small towns across America depend upon their local newspaper for news and information, according to the National Newspaper Association’s most recent newspaper readership survey.