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Ad Libs: Say it and do it, or renegotiate

By John Foust Greeensboro, N.C. Joanne is an ad manager with a common-sense approach to managing her team […]

Would you mind showing me around?

By John Foust One of the most important questions you can ask an advertising client is, “Would you […]

Do you have an eight-inch frying pan?

By John Foust There’s a story about an old man who was fishing from a pier. He was […]

Cut down on exclamation marks

By John Foust Lately I have noticed a disturbing trend in print and online advertising: the overuse of […]

The advertising sales cycle

By John Foust Let’s take a look at the sales cycle. For our purposes, the focus is on […]

Free offers can generate big results

By John Foust Raleigh, NC Generally speaking, there are two types of advertising. Image advertising, which is often […]

Lessons from a failed advertiser

By John Foust I remember talking to Clark about his early days in advertising. When he started his […]

A simple way to develop ad campaign ideas

By John Foust Let’s say you’re meeting with a florist who has been running ads with the headline, […]

Give your advertising some personality  

By John Foust Kirk likes to work directly with his ad clients on their creative strategies. “Making a […]

Attack of the morale-killing bosses

By John Foust In my advertising and training career, I’ve observed – and heard about – a lot […]