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Johnson: Investment in quality software pays off for small newspapers

Good news for publishers yet to find a way to meet the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) mandate for intelligent barcodes: You’ve got more time.

Slimp: Secrets to Success

What are the keys to a successful newspaper?

Slimp: A Tale of 2 Newspapers

Why are some newspapers showing incredible circulation increases?

Slimp: An aMUSeING tale from Adobe

Muse makes web design incredibly similar to page design.

Slimp: Software Tips

I spend a lot of time at newspapers, training staffs in Advanced InDesign, Photoshop and PDF workflows. It’s funny, no matter how long someone uses these applications, there always seems to be a few tips that makes users say, “Why didn’t I know that already?”

9 Tips for Capturing Sharper Smartphone Photos

B&H Photo offers 9 tips for capturing sharper smartphone photos in this 11 minute video.

Emotional Triggers

Dan Lind explains the six emotional triggers that push clients towards saying “yes” to your sales pitch.

Pumarlo: A lesson in reporting tragedy

By Jim Pumarlo A family’s farm is devastated by a tornado. A reporter is on the scene moments […]

Decision Issued: Timberjay Newspapers v. Johnson Controls, Inc.

Update from Mark Anfinson, MNA Attorney On November 20, the Minnesota Supreme Court issued its much-anticipated decision in […]