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Dalton Appointed to MNA Board

The MNA board of directors unanimously voted to appoint Mike Dalton of the Beacon in Cannon Falls to serve as treasurer of the MNA Board of Directors.

Sign up for MNA’s Legal Hotline

MNA’s Legal Hotline begins its 29th year on September 1. Sign up now, if you’re not already a member!

NNA 2013 Newspaper Contest Winners Announced

Judging results have been processed and winners of the 2013 Better Newspaper Contest and Better Newspaper Advertising Contest have been posted online at

NNA Welcomes Next Step in Postal Reform

The National Newspaper Association greeted a comprehensive bill to reform the US Postal Service as a welcome step toward new legislation.

Merle Baranczyk, NNA president and publisher of the Salida (CO) Mountain-Mail, said NNA hoped Congress would complete work on a bill this year to avoid disruption in the mail and the threat of substantial postage rates increases.

Top Ten

In traditional David Letterman fashion, Dan Lind presents his Top Ten list of sales tips and tricks.

Slimp: Software Q&A

Taking a look at questions from readers By: Kevin Slimp Download PDF Version Let’s look in my in-box […]

Henninger: Search the typefaces you already own

There’s an aphorism I heard many years ago that has stuck with me since: “Ya gotta dance with the girl whut brung ya.”

During my almost-quarter-century as a design consultant, I’ve used that saying to reassure many of my clients about typefaces we can use as we redesign their newspapers.

The point I’m making with them is that they may already own all the typefaces they need.

Two Lists

Before your initial contact with a potential client, you should prepare two lists of questions in case you get the opportunity to speak with a decision maker …

Every Member Visit Planned for Summer

This summer, MNA leaders plan to visit newspapers in all 87 counties.

NNA Update: June 2013

Industry news from the NNA Board meeting held on June 6, 2013