Two Lists

Two Lists


Before your initial contact with a potential client, you should prepare two lists of questions in case you get the opportunity to speak with a decision maker who will be responsible for determining the likelihood of moving towards a mutually beneficial business relationship. Remember, if you have properly “qualified” this lead before making initial contact, your pre-call objective is to set up the next meeting where you’ll conduct a thorough needs analysis.

List #1: Questions for those prospects that express an interest in your product or service.
List #2: Questions to keep the conversation positive for prospects that do not have a genuine interest at this time.

Personally, here is how I break down the initial sales contact process in seven steps. These steps are applicable whether your initial contact is done via phone or in person:

1. Give a greeting that includes your name and who you are with.

2. Ask for the name of the decision maker (unless you already have this information) and if he/she has a moment to speak with you.

3. Once you have an audience with the decision maker, confidently deliver your “opening” statement.

4. Wait for their response and listen carefully for any signals that will tell you whether to use List #1 or List #2 as define above.

5. If their response is favorable, proceed with one or two qualifying questions and listen. If their response shows no interest, ask a few additional probing questions and permission to follow up in the future (usually 6 months.) Then proceed to step number seven.

6. If all is going well, be direct and ask for a meeting. Schedule the time BEFORE you leave or hang up the phone.

7. Thank them for their time and confirm that you’ll see them at the predetermined time/date –or- will follow up in the future with their permission.

Whether you achieve your pre-call objective or not, always be courteous and thank them for their time. If the initial contact was in person, leave them something of value as you say goodbye – a brochure, media kit, or anything they can look over after you’re gone. Always remember to leave your business card!

That is it. Keep notes on each prospect you make initial contact with and what the outcome was – especially if you secured an appointment for a follow up meeting. Record the day and time before you forget! Although the initial contact process can be intimidating, it can be a lot of fun, build confidence, and best yet be PROFITABLE if you are prepared, professional, and not afraid of possible rejection.

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