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Nau: Don’t Tell, Instead Coach and A-S-K!

By: Chuck Nau “How Am I Doing”? Remember those moments earlier in your life when you may have asked […]

Nau: Local, Local, Local … It’s All About Your Local Community

By: Chuck Nau As the economy continues to struggle and as regional retail chains continue to expand and move into […]

Nau: ‘Negotiating in These Tough Times’ 

By: Chuck Nau Negotiating, or the simple art of working with another to reach an agreement, is often challenging […]

Nau: No Money to Advertise …?

by Chuck Nau In today’s struggling retail environment, garnering advertising dollars, whether online, in paper, special sections or niche […]

Nau: Enhancing Your Four – Legged Sales Call

by Chuck Nau ‘Care to Dance?’ Remember those moments in your life, when you may have asked that question […]

Nau: Selling Your Community and Your Newspaper with Ease!

‘Selling Your Community and Your Newspaper with Ease!’ by  Chuck Nau In this ever changing economic and media environment, let me […]

Nau: Over the River and Through the Woods …

“Over the river and through the woods” that old refrain may sum up in a nutshell where many ad decisions have gone in the past few years.

With the advent of new media, the consolidation of businesses and resulting staff reductions, coordinating “face to face” interactions with current and potential advertisers has become more challenging. Ad decisions are made on shorter and shorter deadlines, only to be changed again. Ad business that we thought was sold and committed, many times needs to be resold and the benefits reinforced again and again in subsequent emails, phone conversations or sales calls.

Nau: Once is Not Enough!

by Chuck Nau Did you sell an ad for your newspaper, today? Did you sell an ad for […]

Nau: It’s OK to Let Go

Chuck Nau In these challenging economic times, no one can do it all themselves. It’s OK to let […]