Go For Gold!

Go For Gold!

Like Olympic athletes, top performing professional salespeople are an elite group. They consistently outperform other salespeople, even though their circumstances are similar to their media competition – the same prospects, the same market, and similar products. What puts star salespeople on the podium is their approach to preparation, training and execution. The very best will not settle for second and do whatever is necessary to hit the line first and take home the Gold!

1. Gold Medalists Develop a Training Program

The best salespeople know what they want to accomplish and get it done. They set short-term goals to identify and provide for their immediate needs, and have a long-term goal that they are gradually and consistently working to attain.

2. Gold Medalists Do Their Research

The best salespeople prepare for every appointment. They research the prospect before the introductory meeting, take detailed notes to keep track of the prospect’s needs and questions, and use this information to design a custom sales solution for each client. This makes the sales process concise and efficient for both parties and also helps to expedite the sale.

3. Gold Medalists Are Ethical

The best salespeople don’t use deception or outright lies to secure a sale. They understand that honesty always comes first, and that unethical tactics will eventually tarnish their reputation and likely result in no sales at all. Mutual trust is the cornerstone of every business relationship!

4. Gold Medalists Put the Customer First

The best salespeople approach sales from the mindset of ‘What can I do for this prospect today?’ and not ‘How can I close a deal?’ Top sales performers are matchmakers – they find the right prospect and the right product and put them together to help the client meet and exceed their business objectives.

5. Gold Medalists Own Their Mistakes

The best salespeople don’t blame problems or errors on someone else; they also don’t hesitate to shoulder the problem even when it’s completely not their fault. Top performers are entirely focused on making it right for the customer, no matter what circumstances resulted in the error.

6. Gold Medalists Make Themselves Available

The best salespeople understand that when they close the sale, it’s just the start of their relationship with that customer. They make it easy for customers to reach them with any questions or concerns, follow up on a regular basis, and continue to develop the business relationship over time. Top performers keep clients happy, guaranteeing future referrals and testimonials from satisfied customers.

7. Gold Medalists Are Meticulous About Numbers

The best salespeople know how many sales they’ve made for the month, and how close they are to closing those in the pipeline. They consistently track their activities to ensure their time is being efficiently spent. Top performers are always aware of the status of their pipelines and keep an eye on their progress towards their quotas. They plan their sales activities based on what they need to accomplish most in order to make the sales they need. As a result, they enjoy the fruits of their labor with healthy sales commissions checks. “To the Victor Go The Spoils!”

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