A New Year

A New Year

With two weeks remaining in 2012, there are still ample opportunities to get out there and close end-of-year business to add revenue to the bottom line, close gaps in quotas, and help bump the page count in your newspapers. “Never stop selling” is something you hear me say often, and it’s an important point to remember. Make sure to reach out to your customers and see if you can uncover any last-minute needs they might have. If you provide them with a smart recommendation to use extra dollars they have sitting in their 2012 budgets, you may score some incremental dollars you were not counting on!

That said, it’s also the perfect time to begin planning so that you can hit the ground running for 2013. Too often, we’re so focused on closing last minute end-of-year deals that we forget to begin implementing a strategy for January – traditionally a slow month for advertising as businesses hit the ‘reset’ button after the holidays as budgets turn over with the change of the calendar year.

Here are a few simple things you can do now to ensure that you’re well positioned for the new year:

  1. Conduct a 2012 Review Meeting with your TOP FIVE customers. Look back on successes and forward to what will need to be accomplished next year.
  2. Call every client you haven’t talked to in 30 days to see how they’re positioned to start 2013. Do they need your services in January to get off to a fast start?
  3. Call every prospect who has been rejecting your request to meet with them and discuss their needs. Are they positioned to achieve their Q1’13 initiatives?
  4. Remind your existing customers that you welcome and appreciate referrals. Who do they know that might need your help with their advertising plans for 2013?
  5. Identify what “roadblocks” held you back from closing sales this year. Ask your Sales Manager to help you overcome these challenges for the new year.

Most importantly, start setting appointments for January NOW to give yourself a quick start to 2013. While you’re making calls and asking to schedule these meetings, you may just stumble upon some last minutes sales opportunities that you can squeeze into your December sales figures!

Have a terrific week,

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