Meet You At #MNACon13

Meet You At #MNACon13


As final details are put into place for the 146th Annual Minnesota Newspaper Convention, the excitement is building. Each year, we host nearly 700 newspaper professionals from across the state for two days of sessions, celebrations, and social activities. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with old friends while establishing relationships with new faces.

Newspaper people are unique in that there are few others that possess the passion for print and can understand the rewards and challenges of producing a daily or weekly product. We are, simply put, one large family.

As you’ve come to learn about me, I’m a huge advocate of networking. There is never a need for me to know everything – just so long as I know someone (or know someone who knows someone) who can offer advice or guidance about a topic that I need help with.

I challenge you to take advantage of the opportunity to meet as many new people as you can at the convention. Invite someone to join your table at lunch, or to share a cold beverage at the end of a long day. Learn about their paper, their community, and most importantly what they are doing to keep their product relevant to readers and advertisers.

I also invite you to seek me out and introduce yourself. I’m honored to have the opportunity each week to share my sales strategies with MNA members and sincerely hope that you’re occasionally able to take away some small nugget that helps you procure a meeting with a new prospect, ask a question you haven’t thought of, or close a sale you’ve been chipping away at. Nothing makes me happier than to hear about a sales success that I was able to, in some small way, contribute to.

That said, enjoy your convention experience. We’ve assembled an amazing list of session presenters and keynote luncheon speakers to keep you informed, intrigued, and entertained. There is truly something for everyone. Arrive early, stay late, and make the most of this annual celebration of all things newspapers!

I look forward to seeing you again – or meeting you for the first time – in Bloomington later this week.


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