Confidence Sells

Confidence Sells

SalesCycle_FeaturedYou are a professional newspaper salesperson. Be confident when promoting your products, services and opportunities. People are attracted to individuals who exude confidence…in themselves AND the product they are selling. If you’re not confident in your product, why should your client be? Confidence will result in people liking you, trusting you, and buying from you.

Make sure that you learn every detail, every aspect of every product that you sell. Nothing deteriorates confidence faster than a salesperson who says “I don’t know.” Then again, having the courage to admit your lack of knowledge also helps to build trust; just assure your client that you will find the answer to their question and respond in a timely manner.

Confidence allows you to offer solutions, offer value, offer service, offer hope. If you know that your products provide an answer to a client’s needs, it should be your mission to ensure they have every opportunity to buy from you. Confidence gives you the mojo needed to ask for their business…to close the sale.

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