Online Media Campus Advertising Sales Package

Online Media Campus Advertising Sales Package

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The Core of Selling

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This webinar package takes you through four different course offerings more focused on the basics of sales and advertising. The individual webinars have all been previously recorded and include:

Return to Sales Basics
Presented by Larry Maynard, NGM Partners

Every sales organization is struggling to elevate its sales performance and results. That challenge becomes greater every day as we add new products, require people to be multi-media experts and try to sell in an ever-expanding competitive market.  This session outlines the steps each newspaper needs to ensure success:

  • Sales planning
  • Revenue growth
  • Revenue retention
  • Identify and resolve internal and external obstacles
  • Think like your advertiser
  • Make the most of your sales time

Selling Against Your Competition
Presented by Landy Chase, author of Competitive Selling

This webinar will illustrate the proper approach to positioning yourself as the best possible media option – and how to consistently win media buying decisions including:

  • Key to value differentiate newspaper media buys
  • Sell against other media competitors
  • Persuasively communicate your ability to deliever results
  • What really drives most media buying decisions
  • Identify and gain access to the decision maker

Anatomy of a Sales Call
Presented by Jim Elsberry, Monfort College of Business

Anatomy of a Sales Call is perfect training for the new account executive or the seasoned professional who’d like a good review of the fundamentals of an effective sales call.

  • Find out what your client really wants
  • Avoid the most common mistakes when asking for business
  • Listen for clues from the client
  • Answer objections quickly and effectively
  • Close more sales!

Extending Ad Campaigns … Looking Past “Now”
Presenter Chris Edwards, SourceMedia Group

Breaking the habit of chasing “tomorrow’s ad” or scrambling to meet section deadlines are versions of the non-productive routine some sales people find themselves in.

This webinar will discuss specific ways to break this cycle and increase revenue and client satisfaction:

  • First things first – What are you going to talk about?
  • Asking the questions that lead to better answers
  • Presentations that keep your ideas at the top of their list
  • Gaining commitment – their words are more powerful than yours
  • The right way to set the expectation you want

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Package price for The Core of Selling is $99. To register for this package please click here The Core of Selling Registration. Once you complete the registration you will receive a confirmation page with links to download for each of the programs. These webinars have all been previously recorded and registering for the package will provide you direct links for you to watch the programs whenever and wherever you like. There is no specific date and time this package will be aired.

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