MNA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes October 9, 2014

MNA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes October 9, 2014

MNA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
October 9, 2014
MNA Office – Minneapolis, MN

Present: Pete Mohs – Pequot Lakes, Joni Harms – Worthington, Mike Jacobson – Paynesville, Chris Schultz – Howard Lake, Marge Winkelman – ECM, Mike Dalton – Cannon Falls, Karin Ramige-Cornwell – Glencoe, Rollin Bergman – Page 1 Publications, Lisa Hills / Debbie Evans / Dan Lind – MNA

Welcome and Call to Order by President Mohs at 11:00 a.m.

Approval of Minutes from the June 19, 2014, meeting on a MOTION by Bergman, seconded by Harms, unanimous.

Executive Director Report – Hills
• After nearly thirty years in the Plymouth Building on August 16, the MNA office was relocated to the Lumber Exchange Building. The move went smoothly, thanks to advance preparations by a very well organized MNA staff. Everyone is settled and liking the new office space.
• A MNA public notice task force has been formed. The goal of the taskforce is to identify, develop and implement ways to enhance MNA’s lobbying efforts and awareness of the importance of printed public notices.
• The website has been launched; several newspapers are positing public notices to the website.
• Convention planning is in full swing, invitations have been issued to keynote speakers. Wednesday night MNA will host a legislative reception

The Executive Director Report was approved on a MOTION by Schultz, seconded by Winkelman, passing unanimously.

Finance Reports – Harms
• A MOTION was made by Jacobson, seconded by Winkelman to approve MNA Disbursements & Staff Expenses for June-September. The disbursements and expenses were reviewed in detail by the Finance Committee. The motion passed unanimously.
• Financial Statement & Balance Sheets for June – August were presented by Harms. The Financial reports were approved on a MOTION by Schultz, seconded by Winkelman, unanimous.
• Evans reviewed the moving expenses to relocate the MNA office. Hills reported that after an extensive search, MNA signed a 5-year lease for space in the Lumber Exchange Building which included an allocation, paid by the new landlord, for improvements and build-outs. The new lease when amortized over a five year period is rent neutral with MNA’s prior lease.
• Evans presented the 2014 year-end financial projections.
• On a MOTION by Bergman, seconded by Cornwell, passing unanimously, the 2015 MNA dues structure adjustments were approved: Dailies over 100,000 dues will increase 5%; The Maximum amount for dailies with circulation under 25,000 will change from $2,230 to $2,425; and metro suburban free distribution group flag rate will increase $10.00 per flag.
• On a MOTION by Winkelman, seconded by Jacobson, unanimous, MNA’s annual capital expenditure level was increased from $500 to $2,000.
• Beginning no later than January 1, 2016, a fee of 25 cents per legal upload to will be collected by MNA to establish a fund to preserve and enhance printed public notices. The MOTION by Schultz, was seconded by Mohs, passing unanimously.
• On a MOTION by Bergman, seconded by Jacobson, unanimous, Sandy Neren will be recognized for her extraordinary efforts during the 2014 legislative session with a $5,000 bonus from MNA.

Board Member Resignation
• Jason Brown submitted a letter announcing his resignation from the MNA board of directors. Brown serves as MNA’s second vice-president. Brown’s resignation was regretfully accepted on a MOTION by Winkelman, seconded by Dalton, unanimous.

A MOTION to table the appointment of a successor to fill Brown’s position was made by Schultz, seconded by Cornwell, passed, with Bergman absent for the vote. Prior to the December board meeting, Mohs, Harms, and Jacobson will meet to make a recommendation to fill the vacancy.
Committee Reports
• Advertising Committee: Harms presented the report. Discussion included a political sales update from Lind.
• MOTION by Dalton, seconded by Jacobson, unanimous, to approve a buy 3 weeks get 1 free incentive for the MNA 2×8 network. The offer is extended to ads that are zoned.
• MOTION by Jacobson, seconded by Dalton to approve $400 in prize money for the convention ad contest and $500 for the idea exchange. The Advertising Committee Report was approved on a MOTION by Jacobson, seconded by Dalton, passed.

• Journalism Education Committee: Mohs presented the report. BNC entries are in the process of being judged by members of the Iowa Newspaper Association. Every college visits will kick off in November to talk about newspapers being alive & well and hold a promising future for young journalists. The report was accepted on a MOTION by Harms, seconded by Dalton, passed.

• Member Services Committee: Schultz presented the report. MNHS is conducting a survey asking about the Digitalization project. MNHS engaged Carleton School of business to develop strategies and a business plan. Committee members suggested some topics for convention. Future projects will be working on training sessions for local officials on public notice. The report was accepted on a MOTION by Jacobson, seconded by Dalton passing unanimously.

• Daily Committee: Hills reported that the MNA Dailies Meeting in New Ulm was a huge success. Attendance, program and social time were all excellent. A special thank you was given to Bruce Fenske at the New Ulm Journal for hosting.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Lisa Hills