Not a subscriber? Sign up for 2016-17 Legal Hotline Today!

Not a subscriber? Sign up for 2016-17 Legal Hotline Today!

A tremendous asset! The smartest money you’ll spend all year.

LegalHotline2014MNA’s Legal Hotline begins its 31st year on September 1.  As current program participants know, one call could save your newspaper thousands of dollars in legal fees.

The Legal Hotline provides subscribers with a reliable, low-cost, accessible source of expert legal advice in most areas of law affecting newspapers. MNA’s Legal Hotline, provided by MNA Attorney Mark Anfinson, allows newspapers of all sizes to have ready access to answers for legal questions.

If you are NOT already a subscriber, sign up now by filling out and returning the MNA Legal Hotline Registration Form.  Please  review the Legal Hotline Brochure to learn more about the program.

If you are currently a Hotline subscriber, look for the 2016-2017 invoice to arrive soon. (If you do not wish to continue with the program, let us know by contacting Debbie at

Here’s what current subscribers have to say about the Legal Hotline:

“Without question the legal hotline and Mark Anfinson have been a tremendous asset to our papers for years. I have yet to stump him with any legal issues and the speed with which he responds is incredible. His understanding of media law is vast and amplified by his every day exposure to the issues that newspapers consider land mines. Owners, publishers, managers and reporters across the state can call the hotline with confidence that any nervousness they may have about libel, copyright, political advertising or online comments can be carefully dissected, disarmed and explained so exposure is minimized without compromising the story.”

–Keith Anderson, director of news, ECM Publishers

“The very concept of the legal hotline is an excellent one, but when you add someone with Mark Anfinson’s vast experience and wisdom as part of the deal, it’s absolutely indispensable. Mark knows libel and data practices law backwards and forwards and he can almost instantly get to the nub of any issue, no matter how complex. I’ve never failed to be impressed by his knowledge and his practical, common sense approaches to just about any issue that might arise. I would never, ever be without the Legal Hotline. It’s the smartest money you’ll spend all year.”

— Marshall Helmberger, Publisher, The Timberjay Newspapers