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2014 Scarborough Readership Survey

MNA recently commissioned Scarborough to conduct a statewide readership survey – click here for the results.

Sell Anything. To Anyone.

To effectively sell, you need to passionately believe in the products and services you’re offering.

2014 Pohlad Internship Program Announced

We are pleased to announce the 2014 Pohlad Internship Program! Want to hire a high school intern for the summer? We can help.

Shield Law moving toward a full Senate vote

A federal shield law is necessary to preserve an important channel of communication between journalists and their confidential sources and to maintain an informed citizenry.

NNA survey: Small town residents depend on their community paper

Two-thirds of residents in small towns across America depend upon their local newspaper for news and information, according to the National Newspaper Association’s most recent newspaper readership survey.

Convention Conversation

Remember that using Active Listening skills show that you’re fully engaged in the conversation!

Johnson: Investment in quality software pays off for small newspapers

Good news for publishers yet to find a way to meet the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) mandate for intelligent barcodes: You’ve got more time.

Emotional Triggers

Dan Lind explains the six emotional triggers that push clients towards saying “yes” to your sales pitch.

2013 NNA Convention Report

2013 NNA Convention Report from Andrew Johnson, NNA Region 6 Director

Sign up for MNA’s Legal Hotline

MNA’s Legal Hotline begins its 29th year on September 1. Sign up now, if you’re not already a member!