Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Keep it simple. Don’t work longer, work smarter. Easy and relatively painless way to increase your advertising sales…

10. Always Be Closing
Whether it’s a sale or setting a meeting, know what you want to achieve and constantly be striving towards it.

9.  Learn to get past “No”
That your customer cares enough to surface an objection means they are interested in what you are saying. Ask probing questions to learn more.

8.  Bundle your products
A current customer believes in what you can offer. Give them additional opportunities to increase their presence and maximize results.

7.  Minimize your paperwork
The more time you spend selling, the more sales you will achieve. Cut out unnecessary paperwork clutter and make more calls.

6.  Know your product
Inside and out. Backwards and forwards. Know exactly what your newspaper can offer…and exactly what it cannot.

5.  Prepare for the initial sales call
Do your research. Practice your opening. Know your audience. Be ready to answer any question your customer may have.

4.  Only pursue pre-qualified leads
Use online research to prioritize your opportunities. Start with customers with a presence in competing media – they believe in advertising.

3.  Keep your pipeline full
You never know when the gravy train with current customers will end. Never stop developing future opportunities.

2.  Make the most of your customer’s (and your own) time
Can you actually help a customer achieve their business goals? If not, terminate the conversation and move on.

1.   Listen more than you talk
Don’t spend all of your time talking about what your product can do. Instead have a conversation with the customer about what they need.

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