LMA Announces New Sales Certification Program

LMA Announces New Sales Certification Program

LMALogoThe Local Media Association Sales Certification Program is designed to deliver sales training in an ever-changing media environment resulting in a skilled sales professional capable of maximizing ad-revenue opportunities. This online program empowers media salespeople to progress from transaction-focused selling to true consultative selling, thus transforming the sales relationship into a collaboration-focused business partnership that produces dramatic, long-term and measurable sales results.

Three Courses

The Fundamentals Media Course (available now!)

The Advanced Media Course (coming July)

Sales Management Course (coming September)

Course Instruction & Methodology

The Sales Certification Program has been developed in response to the request of our membership. We have consulted with some of the leading training companies in America and the leader in media research, Borrell Associates, to create an exciting and innovative program. The programs are available on-demand for 45-days after registration. They can be taken at home or in the office and at your staff’s own pace.

The Sales Certification Program consists of courses, which are built around a theme, such as the Fundamentals Media Course. Each course consists of a variety of topics known as modules that are individual training sessions.

Convenient Video Format

All programming is delivered via a high quality, online learning management system offering training courses made up of video modules. There is a library of instructional materials, which includes a downloadable PDF of each training module as a study tool.

Certification Testing

At each step of the way, after each video module, there is an assessment test to confirm retention of the materials covered. The passing grade for these tests is 90%. Those that score under 90% will be required retake the test before advancing to the next module in a course.

You Are Certified!

Upon successful completion of the course, the sales professional can download a custom certificate with their name on it, to certify compliance with the LMA standards of the Sales Certification Program.



Pricing:  For LMA Members, the Fundamentals Media Course is $395 for each participant. There is a 5% volume discount for 5 to 9 participants and a 10% discount for 10 or more participants. Media Association Partner price is $445.  Contact Peter Conti with questions: peter.conti@localmedia.org.