Expand Your Advertising Product Offerings with MNA Statewide Networks

Expand Your Advertising Product Offerings with MNA Statewide Networks

SalesCycle_FeaturedEasy. Efficient. Effective. Three words that all newspaper advertising clients desire and require. For many years, one of the biggest dings against newspaper advertising has been how time consuming it is to place in multiple publications because each one sets its own rates, has different publication days, deadlines and creative specs vary greatly. For many local community clients whose primary market area is covered by a single newspaper, the placement process is simple. However, for larger businesses with multiple locations (or regional and national clients) seeking an expanded advertising footprint, the thought of making dozens (if not hundreds) of phone calls to newspapers to gather pricing and circulation details is intimidating.

MNA offers two statewide advertising networks that make the placement process easy and efficient and has proven to be extremely effective at delivering results. MDAN (Minnesota Display Advertising Network a/k/a “2×2 network”) is a small space network offering 2×2 and 2×4 display ads in 286 participating newspapers statewide. MCAN (Minnesota Classified Advertising Network) offers liner ads placed in 262 participating newspapers across the state. Both networks have multiple zoning options so that geo-targeting can be dialed in to meet the needs of any client looking to create mass market top of mind awareness.

What this means for you – professional newspaper advertising salespeople – is that you’re no longer constrained to selling just the distribution area covered by your publication if a client is looking to saturate a particular geographic region. You can remain the primary point of contact with your client by offering a turn-key small space program while earning more revenue for your newspaper, more revenue for your territory, and personal sales bonuses paid directly by MNA too!

All salespeople of participating network newspapers are eligible to sell MDAN and MCAN (please see the list of participating newspapers for the respective networks on the sales sheets.) I’ve created a presentation targeted at our newspaper salespeople called MNA Display Advertising Network In A Box that provides all of the details you need to meet with a client, close the sale, and then call MNA to execute the buy. Although this presentation is MDAN specific, most of the details apply to the MCAN program as well (see the MCAN sales sheet for rates and other specifics of that network.)

Statewide advertising networks: Provide solutions. Close incremental sales. Earn bonus dollars.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or ping Randy Kelsey, MNA’s Network Manager, at randy@mna.org.

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