Voters Read. Readers Vote.

Voters Read. Readers Vote.

SalesCycle_FeaturedOn Tuesday, November 4th, Minnesota will vote to elect a Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State Auditor, and U.S. Senator along with eight U.S. Congresspersons and State Representatives/Senators from corner to corner.

Inevitably, broadcast commercial have begun…and will continue until Election Day. However, as you speak with candidates and action groups within your community, here are a few talking points to drive the conversation towards why placing a paid buy in your newspaper is a decision that could mean the difference between making an acceptance speech or delivering a concession speech:

  • Newspapers play a vital role in communities they serve – 89%* of residents have accessed newspapers or their websites during a typical month.
  • Newspaper reader vote – 77%* vote in their local elections nearly every time or most of the time.
  • Newspapers are still THE most trusted and reliable destination for local news and important information.
  • Newspapers and newspaper websites connect with readers of ALL ages.
  • Newspaper advertising still provides campaigns with the most consistent, most invasive, and most efficient means to reach independent and undecided voters.
  • Newspaper endorsements are still viewed as a key component to a successful campaign because candidates still believe in the importance of the newspaper audience.

As candidates, campaigns and advocacy groups begin to ramp up their marketing strategies, we have a very compelling argument to make. Make sure to utilize the data collected in the *MNA/Scarborough Statewide Readership Survey, Q4’13  to ensure that your newspaper’s story is heard above the competing media din.

Let’s go out there and get our unfair share of those political media budgets!

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