Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

Following tornadoes in his region, Mark Thomas, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Press Association offered the sage advice:  “The first steps in disasters are always PLANNING.  We are now past that phase – but you aren’t – so use this disaster to urge your members to PLAN for a disaster. That makes your Action and Recovery Plan so much easier.”

In times of crisis, all eyes turn on the press for immediate and accurate news coverage. But what happens when the press becomes the victim of a disaster? From flash floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters to power outages or a loss of an important staff member, trauma is almost impossible to predict. But through effective preparation, newspapers can continue to function in spite of setbacks.

MNA is proud to present the Disaster Checklist for Newspapers, a preparation guide to aid damage control at your location. Originally drafted by The Oklahoma Press Association, this checklist covers all the ins and outs of an adequately prepared staff and if followed correctly, can help you keep operating on all platforms in times of disaster.

While disasters can rarely be avoided, measures taken in advance can soften the blow of potential fallout. We hope that this guide will prove useful to you.

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