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Henninger: 60 inches? No visual? Unacceptable

What would readers do with a story that’s 60 inches long sans visuals? And, what would the editor do about it?

Henninger: Giving writers their due

The state of writing in newspapers is directly proportional to the amount of editing and direction that writers receive.

Henninger: Text type suggestions

By: Ed Henninger A reader emailed to mention that I’d recently written a column listing New Century Schoolbook […]

Henninger: 10 Tips to a better design

Ed shares some of his top tips from presentations in 2016.

Henninger: Typefaces to toss

Ed shares a list of 20 typefaces (actually, 16 typefaces and 4 complete groups) he’d toss, along with a few words why.

Henninger: What she said

Ed shares a recent column by page designer Renée Tanner that goes to the heart of how and why we do news design.

Henninger: The shadow knows

During the past few years—and only for certain clients—I’ve been suggesting they get away from the traditional half-point frame for photos.

Henninger: Think different

We have to think different about news design, or we risk having no design at all.

Henninger: ‘I love you guys’

Many of my happiest moments during my quarter-century as a consultant are those I’ve spent in the newsrooms and conference rooms of community newspapers.

Henninger: “Felt right” is not design

Designers need to avoid the “feel” trap. We need to think—not feel—about what we’re doing on a page.