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Slimp: Software Q&A

Taking a look at questions from readers By: Kevin Slimp Download PDF Version Let’s look in my in-box […]

Henninger: Search the typefaces you already own

There’s an aphorism I heard many years ago that has stuck with me since: “Ya gotta dance with the girl whut brung ya.”

During my almost-quarter-century as a design consultant, I’ve used that saying to reassure many of my clients about typefaces we can use as we redesign their newspapers.

The point I’m making with them is that they may already own all the typefaces they need.

Staff Writer

Department: Editorial Location: Grand Rapids Herald Review – Grand Rapids, MN FLSA Status: Non-Exempt               Status: Full-time                     […]

Superior Region Pagination Studio Director

Department: Pagination      FLSA Status: Exempt                       Status: Full-time                     Job Reports To: Chris Knight, Regional Operations Director (Minnesota) […]


Department: Editorial Location: Ashland, WI (Ashland Daily Press) FLSA Status: Exempt Status: Full-time Job Reports To: Regional Operations […]

Two Lists

Before your initial contact with a potential client, you should prepare two lists of questions in case you get the opportunity to speak with a decision maker …

Circulation Director

Department: Consumer Services         FLSA Status: Exempt                                Status: Full-time                             Job Reports To: Regional Operations Manager Job Summary […]

Account Executive – – Outside

  Position:  Account Executive – – Outside Reports To:  Advertising Manager FLSA Status: Full Time/Exempt Department:  Sales Location: […]

Full Time Staff Writer

Southern Minnesota weekly newspaper with a circulation of 3,200 is seeking a staff writer. Should be enthusiastic about […]

Every Member Visit Planned for Summer

This summer, MNA leaders plan to visit newspapers in all 87 counties.