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Slimp: What I learned in Ohio


Visit with newspapers in Buckeye State cures Kevin’s winter “funk”

Slimp: Finding the truth


It seems to be on a lot of minds By: Kevin Slimp The transition from 2016 to 2017 […]

Slimp: Meeting Deadline!


Kevin Slimp shares a few helpful hints for those of us doing our best to get the paper out at deadline.

Slimp: Know When to Fold Them


Kevin asks and answers: When does holding on to older software and hardware become detrimental?

Slimp: Learning what I can from really smart people


Slimp created an online radio station and began interviewing folks he thought would be of interest to journalists. The results have been fascinating.

Slimp: Common Sense Pays Off


Industry takes note of “self made” publisher who succeeds by following his instincts, instead of jumping on latest trends

Slimp: Industry-related pubs begin take notice of growing community newspapers


Kevin Slimp feels like a broken record when he reminds people just how well community newspapers are doing across America.

Slimp: Free Software


Readers send their questions to Kevin for honest answers

Slimp: Adobe Cloud Dilemma


Facts you should know about the cost of Adobe Cloud before changing or upgrading your systems.

Slimp: Working From Home

A remote office might be a lot easier than you think