2014 Membership Dues Statements

2014 Membership Dues Statements

Look for your MNA membership dues statements in the mail this week!

MNA’s mission is to champion the ideals of a free press in our democratic society, to enhance the quality and economic health of the state’s newspapers, and to cultivate a volunteer and fraternal spirit among its members.  MNA would not be able to fulfill its mission without each of you. Thank you for your membership in the Minnesota Newspaper Association.

We sent out your dues statement earlier this year in order to give you the flexibility of including your 2014 dues payment in the 2013 fiscal year if you choose. One option to pay MNA dues is to have them deducted from advertising sold by MNA.  If you choose to have your dues deducted from advertising please notify Debbie Evans, our Accounting Manager, in writing by December 20th, 2013 at debbie@mna.org.

The MNA board of directors voted to not increase the formula for the 2014 dues.  MNA’s dues formula is based on the general advertising rate you submit to MNA and your newspaper’s circulation.  As always, your MNA membership dues are fully tax-deductible and for your convenience, you may elect to pay your MNA dues by having them deducted directly from your payments for advertising placements sold by MNA

MNA has a distinguished record of protecting newspaper interests in the legislature. Your membership in MNA is critical to our success in keeping public notice in newspapers, protecting public access to government records and meetings, and working to prevent an extension of sales tax to advertising, printing and circulation.

In addition to outstanding legislative representation, your membership in MNA gives you access to numerous other benefits including: a low-cost legal hotline, advertising sales, the weekly Bulletin newsletter, wallet cards (with on-the-go legal guides from MNA Attorney Mark Anfinson), network advertising programs, staff training and continuing education opportunities, the annual convention, the Better Newspaper Contest, special access to members-only resources, and much, much more.

Since 2010 MNA has managed its own 501(c)(3), the Minnesota News Media Institute (MNI), which allows us to offer members opportunities for high-quality professional development and training.  MNI and its partnership with the Pohlad Family Foundation provide funding for high school internships.  The Editors & Publishers Community Leadership Program is another wildly popular and successful MNI program.

MNI is funded by donations. We encourage all members to support the success and continued growth of the Minnesota News Media Institute so MNA can provide exceptional educational opportunities to its members for years to come.  An optional, suggested donation of 10% of your total dues is included on your statement.  Please consider supporting MNI with the suggested donation – or more – if you choose.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with you. It is my commitment that your membership in MNA provides a high return on your investment.  If at any time questions arise or if we can help you in any way, please contact me or an MNA staff member.

Best regards,

Lisa Hills
Executive Director