Educate Your Clients

Educate Your Clients

Without personally knowing many of your advertising clients, here are four things I can tell you about them:

  • They are busy
  • They are skeptical
  • They are cautious
  • They are confused

Does this sound accurate? It should, because whether we are talking about your advertising clients, or ourselves as consumers, the same holds true. To combat these four issues, you need to do one simple thing to ensure that your clients are investing money with you to help build their business. You need to EDUCATE them.

Today’s consumers use an information oriented decision making process. This involves gathering information, reviewing alternatives, making a choice, and evaluating their decision after the fact. The more information a consumer has about a product or service, the more confidence they’ll have in making a decision.

Since we already know that our clients want – and need – information so that they can make an informed decision, it’s up to YOU to become the primary source of that information. It’s up to YOU to prove to them that you understand their business. It’s up to YOU to reassure them that you can help them grow their business. It’s up to YOU to become the very first person your client calls when they need something.

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