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Sales Cycle vs. Buying Cycle

As professional newspaper salespeople, we should all live by the seven step “Sales Cycle” …

Emotional Triggers

Dan Lind explains the six emotional triggers that push clients towards saying “yes” to your sales pitch.

Expand Your Advertising Product Offerings with MNA Statewide Networks

MNA offers two statewide advertising networks that make the placement process easy and efficient and has proven to be extremely effective at delivering results.

Take the “Pitch” Out of the Elevator

We live in a world of short attention spans. Dan Lind offers suggestions for creating a better “elevator pitch” to add to your sales arsenal.


“A” (business objectives) plus “B” (proposed solution) must equal “C” (measurable ROI).

Top Ten

In traditional David Letterman fashion, Dan Lind presents his Top Ten list of sales tips and tricks.

Two Lists

Before your initial contact with a potential client, you should prepare two lists of questions in case you get the opportunity to speak with a decision maker …

Hello, My Name Is…

There are three things to keep in mind that are crucial to the success of each and every initial sales contact…

The Stall

Even though you’ve done due diligence and navigated your way through the steps of a successful sales call, […]

Open. Probe. Support. Close.

A successful sales call is one in which you and the customer make an informed, mutually beneficial decision. […]