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Ad-libs: The power of repetition. The power of repetition. The power of…

Did you learn the multiplication tables by going through them one time? What about the alphabet?

Ad-libs: Qualify your advertising prospects

“There’s no use to try to sell something to someone who is not is a position to buy.”

Ad-libs: Keep ’em talking and learn more

A lot of sales people are conditioned to pounce on the slightest opening and shift the conversation. Slow down and listen!

Ad-libs: Advertising is all about motivation

The most effective ads are those that appeal to the right motivation.

Ad-libs: If your marketing were a car, what would it be?

By John Foust Raleigh, NC Lawrence told me about a technique for gathering information from prospective advertisers. “I’ve […]

Ad-libs: How to handle unspoken objections

Learn how to be prepared for all sales situations and cut down on unexpected surprises.

Ad-libs: Don’t gild the lily

Correctly quoted or not, this common phrase refers to the unnecessary practice of embellishing something which doesn’t need embellishing.

Ad-libs: Going to a networking event?

A few things to keep in mind when a networking event pops up on your calendar,

Ad-libs: The Curse of Knowledge

Once we know something – even something as simple as the melody of a song – it’s difficult to imagine not knowing it.

Ad-libs: Don’t waste your budget on teaser ads

Teaser ads usually have mysterious headlines like, “Exciting new product coming soon” or “You wouldn’t believe what we have in store.”