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Pumarlo: This time, privacy outweighs right to know

Public records are the foundation for reporting a range of stories important to your readers.

Pumarlo: Hold editorials to highest standard

What’s the first word you associate with editorials?

Pumarlo: Are you ready for the new year? Take an inventory

Are you ready for 2017? All newsrooms should prepare an editorial calendar and review it regularly.

Pumarlo: Don’t underestimate the value of business reporting

Make business news a regular part of your newsroom discussions as an everyday beat.

Use digital tools to enhance, not replace, tenets of solid reporting

Best practices remain at the foundation of all effective coverage, no matter the platform.

Pumarlo: Think carefully before posting the ‘final word’

Hardly a week passes that a newspaper’s policies and practices aren’t called into question. When should you avoid saying “the last word?”

Pumarlo: Facing a tough call? Talk it out

Newspapers routinely face challenging decisions. Should we run this photo? Should we accept this ad? Should we report on every monthly meeting of a local activist group?

Pumarlo: You want to stay relevant? Be accessible

Why do so many newspapers make it so difficult for readers to connect with reporters?

Pumarlo: Legislature makes news even during recess

The Legislature is the last thing on your newsroom’s radar, right? Wrong.

Pumarlo: Challenged by ‘big projects’? Broaden your definition

Some ideas for identifying opportunities to generate more substantive reports in everyday coverage.