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Millennials Still Want Their Newspapers [Infographic]

Despite the perception that the under-30 crowd is leaving newspapers and their websites behind for other digital news […]

Advertising Sales Specialist: Minnesota Women’s Press

Print and digital advertising sales for the Minnesota Women’s Press, a feminist publication in our 29th year.

Reporter/Staff Writer

Cover local government news in the Itasca County area and as well as writing regional (NE MN) business […]

Newspapers’ Digital Audience Hits New High in September 2013

By Jim Conaghan, NNA Vice President of Research & Industry Analysis The number of unique visitors engaged with […]

Minutes of the MNA Board of Directors’ Meeting: October 2013

MNA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes October 10-11, 2013 Park Square Theatre – St. Paul, MN Present: Rollin […]

Minutes of the MNI Board of Directors’ Meeting: 10/10/13

MINUTES OF THE MNI BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING, OCTOBER 10, 2013 Park Square Theatre, St. Paul. MN Present: […]

Henninger: Transcendental typography

Every once in a while, a design calls for big type. I don’t mean just “big type.” I mean “B-I-G T-Y-P-E”! Huge. Ginormous. Humongous. Yeah…that kind of big.

Advertising still a target in House tax reform bill

The business deduction for advertising expenses is currently at risk in the House of Representatives. Despite our collective efforts to dissuade Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp from modifying the current tax treatment of advertising, we have heard that he will release draft tax reform legislation that will propose a 10-year amortization of advertising costs. Specifically, his proposal is expected to allow businesses to deduct 50 percent of their advertising costs in the year the advertising expense is incurred and require a business to spread the remaining cost over 10 years.

2014 Membership Dues Statements

Look for your MNA membership dues statements in the mail this week!

PT Inside Sales Assistant

Looking for a part time inside sales assistant. Duties would include maintain sales relationships, composition, some cold calling, […]