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Advertising is a problem-solving business

By John Foust When I heard the doorbell ring that Saturday afternoon, I did something I had never […]

Are you reading your own websites?

By Jim Pumarlo Digital platforms go a long way toward leveling the playing field among daily and nondaily […]

Prepare a go-bag for presentations

By John Foust Richard is an advertiser who has seen years of sales presentations. His pet peeve is […]

Generating Revenue in Times of Crisis

It’s a crazy time for all of us. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Like […]

Unique community support pages

  Even before the current COVID-19 virus the traditional large advertisers – supermarkets, furniture stores, department stores, automobile […]

Coronavirus underscores the breadth of business reporting

By Jim Pumarlo The coronavirus pandemic is dominating headlines, generating stories on issues touching nearly every aspect of […]

Newspapers are essential to our American dream

By: Peter Wagner One of the reporters in our Sheldon office received an e-mail a week ago stating […]

It’s all about the benefits

By John Foust Rob is the marketing director for an outdoor apparel company. I remember a conversation with […]

Improving relations with city hall a two-way street

By Jim Pumarlo A fire chief was suspended without pay after taking his nephew, and another firefighter off […]

Planning for the Worst

KevinSlimpVirusNotes What if coronavirus requires our staff to work from home? I received an email from Dennis Derossett, […]